Commercial Registration No. 18727 in 17.Kasım.1998 firmamızt.c started its activities as a member of the Konya Chamber of Commerce. Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 123 with a license fair organization began its domestic activities. As of 2005, Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of our company that connects to that date from today Y - Domestic Trade Regulation No. 018 with PoE continues to fair organizations. Since its inception; Food and Food Technology Fairs Agriculture - Livestock and Agricultural Technology Fair Cars - Motorcycles - Commercial Vehicles and Subcontracting Fair Building and Construction on materials Fairs Shoes - Subcontracting and Fashion Fair Furniture and Decoration Trade Shows Textile - Apparel Fashion Fair Beauty - Beauty and Aesthetics Fairs With hunting and Nature Sports Fairs Afyonkarahisar Commerce and Industry Trade Shows Yozgat Trade and Industry Trade Shows Aksaray Commerce and Industry Trade Shows Nigde organized Trade and Industry Trade and continues still editing. Also located on site "Art Fair Org Tour" organized by the International abroad (Germany, Italy, Belgium) fair organizations with industry representatives, local administrators, leads to members of the federation and confederation package.         Since its inception has signed up over 229 exhibitions today; continues to grow with serious step.        Within the first general manager, 1 manager, 4 domestic, one international marketing and publicity officer, three technical personnel, six administrative staff, our company is a member of hosting CTO No. 35954.
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